Thursday, 16 January 2014

Happiness is .....

..... making the most of these DELICIOUS beauties
and they are such 

* * *  BEAUTIE *

What's making you happy?

BIG love
x Jooles x


  1. Today I made time to do some felting for my little shop to be... That makes me so happy!
    And reading nice blogs too ofcourse...;-). Lots of love from Mirjam.

  2. sunshine.....when they said it would rain!!!!! :)

  3. Mmm not had a blood orange for years.. looks yummy!
    Today I put a lovely old lace collar into soak and all the yellowy staining has gone... that made me happy! Cx

  4. Strangely the rain so that I don't mind being trapped at my desk! xx

  5. Sorting out my seed boxes this afternoon made me very happy! Take care.

  6. I am enjoying using ny dishwasher after its been out of action for a month!!

  7. Getting to buy pretty papers and such at the craft store for bridal shower invitation making- coming up with creative ideas makes me very happy indeed! Blessings to you . . . :)

  8. Blood orange or am I mistaken? Having a plastered bedroom is making me one VERY happy girl, I might get to sleep in there by March! x

    1. Oh yes indeedy Nicole and they are sooo juicy!

  9. cups of tea, lemon cake and mini eggs!
    have a lovely weekend!
    Marion x

  10. Blood oranges, beautiful and delicious. What makes me happy: looking at my dog, sleeping on the sofa.

  11. Ooh lovely - such a gorgeous, juicy colour! The thought of the weekend and having a rest where I can properly sit down with a cup of tea is making me happy! x

  12. Yum! What's been making me happy? Indulgent breakfast and buying fabric quarters I don't really need... ;-) Cx

  13. Gorgeous juicy oranges! Some sunshine and the first snowdrops are making me happy!

  14. Today it's the hopefulness that a little bit of sunshine can bring that is making me happy! Hope you have a lovely weekend.x

  15. Also happy that I had a 'ladies lunch' with my Little Flower today, and I have a free evening to sew tonight! Cx

  16. I've never heard of "blood oranges". I thought this was a very ruby red grapefruit. Mouthwatering!

  17. I haven't had a blood orange since I was little (well into last century), it looks delicious. I'm happy with my crochet at the moment, but it would make me even happier if I could get out into the garden. Have a lovely weekend.
    Jane xx

  18. Hi ya Jooles. Happy new year from the other end of the world!!! My 2014 Kikki K diary is making me happy. Jane x

  19. Healthy and pretty to look at, lovely. A lazy pyjama morning is making me happy to day - I'm on my second cup of tea and a hot cross bun while the kids run riot also in their pyjamas too... xx

  20. Hi Jooles, what wonderful images, I could just eat one of those! What makes me happy, will have to think carefully about this one as there are so many things, one of them is reading all the fabulous blogs like yours each day. Have a fantastic weekend Jooles, big hugs to you

  21. Hello Jooles,

    What a lovely question to have to think about...

    Many things make me happy just like you I imagine. Right now I would love the snow to fall although we have had the most amazing sunny January so far.

    I wish you a lovely weekend dear Jooles!



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