Monday, 14 April 2014

An almost forgotten Ta ~ Dah .....

Amidst the humongous chaotic chaos here
I had almost forgotten to show you my finished Nordic Shawl
I happened upon my photos yesterday
I first wrote about it way back here

My shawl came about after a visit here
(one of my fave blogs)
I was blown away when I saw the delightful Mrs. Coco Rose's shawl
it was one of those moments when I nearly fell off of my chair in love
she does that to me a LOT
and I know I'm not alone

The pattern is designed by the very clever Annette
and even as a beginner I found it pretty easy to follow.

Way back last summer
I happened upon a knockout colour combination in my garden
it literally took my breath away

I kept popping outside just to drink it in
soft violet Plum Peach
So DeLiCiOuS
I teamed those colours with pale grey

Although I adore the colours
I wish I hadn't been such a cheapskate
I used yarn that I already had lurking around for the colour border
they were all different thicknesses which made it a little uneven
I'm cross with myself about that
but I've told myself that .....
'it really doesn't notice when I'm wearing it so stop being cross with yourself silly'
I wish I would listen to me.

~ the edging pattern is SO pretty ~

But I do Lve it so
It's just perfect to throw on in the evening
when there is just a bit of a nip in the air
and it's great when I'm working too

I have such a snotty cold
Really Really snotty
I'm sorry to say that but
I have never had SO much snot in all my life!
Where does it all come from?!

Our kitchen fitter is back again today
he'll be here tomorrow
and the next day
then the plumbers
(affectionally known as 'the plums')
then the electrician
then my lovely brother-in-law carpenter
then next week the flooring will be going down
THEN I will be in
But goodness it's been hard going
washing up in the bath is no longer fun
it stopped being fun after day one
it is now day eight.

We have done lots of the work ourselves
my lovely boy and Mr Sweet have done most of the electrics
but we thought we should hire an expert for the final wiring up
otherwise it would be too scary for words!
I took on the unenviable roll as head sander
(I won't be turning professional)
it has been all hands to the deck
I can't wait to have something pretty to show you.

Just the thought of filling a little vase with freshly picked blooms
and placing them in my kitchen fills me with joy and excitement
I keep telling myself
'Not long now'

I've decided to take a little break
I need to get stuck into the tiling
make bumble bee blinds
and fill my new kitchen .....

but I'll be back soon with a shiny new kitchen and laundry room tour
(Sooooooo excited.....)

BIG love

x Jooles x

Friday, 11 April 2014

Bits & Bobs .....

Hello lovely readers
I have some lovely bits and bobs to share
but not many words today I'm afraid
I am a weary~head
chaos surrounds me
and I have a cold sniff sniff

Progress on my cushion

Lovely giveaway treats .....
I have been a very lucky girl
winning a FAB~U~LOUS giveaway
from the very kind Marianne of Ladybird diaries
look how beautifully wrapped my goodies were
it was like Christmas ~ it really was

such a pretty crochet scarf with sparkly bits in
Oooooh I love a bit of sparkle, it's very soft too
just beautiful
A beautiful crochet rose brooch 
(Marianne you are so clever, your makes are just perfect x)
the cutest little rose earrings and a very useful and utterly pretty little CK purse

last but not least
 a sweet heart brooch which looks wonderful on my spotty jacket

I feel so lucky
What a treat
Thank you Marianne

I adore every thing and will be keeping a close eye on the sparkly scarf
Sweet B has been spotted gazing lovingly at it!

A new baby pocket
which I made for our lovely kitchen man's new baby
I LOVE the name Ralph ..... adorable.

and before I say bye bye for today
here are a few Easter goodies available in my shops

Wishing you a Happy Happy Happy weekend

Back soon!

BIG love
x Jooles x

Monday, 7 April 2014

Two girls about town .....

It's all a bit rainy here today
although I do LOVE a rainy day from time to time
I was glad for a dry day last Friday though
Sweet B and I headed into the big city
It was fabulous FUN
and really wonderful to escape the chaos that is home right now

We had tickets for the Selvedge Spring Fair
which was held in Chelsea old town hall
it was both a pretty and quirky venue
There were so many interesting and talented artists there
with VERY tempting wares
Oh. The. temptation.
I was very restrained though
(it was jolly painful but there has been a LOT of money spent here of late
 ..... kitchens seem to be gigantic money guzzlers)

Apologies for the lack of photos
I was so excited that I actually forgot about them

These were my purchases
see I said I was controlled
and the notecards are a gift!
so really thats only TWO purchases.

After a leisurely two rounds of the fair
 we wandered back outside
 to track down a delicious cake shop that we had spied on our journey in

Just look at those beauties .....

It was a VERY hard choice
but in the end we went for
a honey cake and a papaya and coconut cake
as is usual for us, we cut them in half and shared
Oh .... and a watermelon, pineapple and grapefruit smoothie too
Gosh it was all so good
we ate them VERY slowly as we both said that we wanted them to last for ever
sadly they did not.

Feeling refreshed and revitalised
we set off to find Shaukat
it was a nice walk though impressive streets
some lined with blossoming trees

these trees were so 
we kicked up the fallen blossom as we walked and chattered

but even the beautiful tree blossom 
couldn't compete with what we saw after entering Shaukat
walls and walls and walls and walls of luscious liberty of London fabric 
after having a heart bursting moment or two
we browsed the shop
although I have to say
 the atmosphere in there was far from relaxed
it seemed as if the staff had fallen out 
the atmosphere was thick with tension
but we weren't going to let that spoil our fun

It was REALLY hard to decide
I had set myself a limit of two metres
I got a half metre of each of these beauties

I love them so much
the colour combinations just floor me. Always.
I'll be at the gazing stage for quite a while 
before I'll be able to cut into them
I'll let you know when I move on

We had a wonderful time 
Sweet B and I
browsing, shopping, eating and chitter~chattering all day long
but the best part of the day for me
was to spend time 
with my wonderful love

We're all feeling a little weary today
after having a busy weekend
full of dismantling, cleaning and painting
and many other various un~nice tasks.

This is what our kitchen looked like last night
not very kitcheny
It amazes me how much hard work it has taken to make my kitchen so messed up!
today we move forward 
Oh Yes
This week our new kitchen is FINALLY being installed
and even though tonight I will be washing up in the bath
I really don't mind.

Update coming soon!

BIG love 
x Jooles x

Monday, 31 March 2014

Gifting .....

..... I LOVE making and giving gifts
REALLY love it

I made this seaside mobile for Sweet B
it was supposed to be for her birthday in a couple of weeks
I did my usual though .....
got so excited as I knew she would LOVE it SO much
that when she came home from uni on Friday
I made her follow me
I laid the prettily wrapped gift in her hands
and said 
"Open it!"

Sweet B  "REALLY?"
Me  "YES go on!"
Sweet B  "Shall I?"
Me  "YES"

I'm just so impatient and couldn't wait a moment longer
Does anyone else do this? please say yes.

She did!

Just as I thought
she LOVED it!

When I saw the idea in this beautiful book
I just knew that it would be perfect for her
I love it when that happens, don't you?

I used some of the treasure that she brought back from her gap year trip
 to Costa Rica a few years back
to make it extra special for her

Those little tiny whales were fiddly
but REALLY cute!

I hope all you lovely mums out there had a wonderful day yesterday
you deserve to be treasured

I was spoilt .....

with pretty flowers

A WHOLE tin of chocolate
from my lovely boy

and Sweet B made me this cross stitch Blue Tit
Bertie Blue
beautiful isn't he?
she's such a clever girl

I'm looking forward to enjoying my choccies
whilst turning that beautiful birdie into a new cushion!

Back soon

BIG love
x Jooles x

Saturday, 29 March 2014

My cross stitch challenge :: March. And a winner!

Goodness me it's almost the end of March
and you know what that means?
..... I need to show you this months cross stitch

Very cute isn't he?
It was a quick one to stitch too
 which was lucky
free time has been in short supply this month

Now onto giveaway news .....
Thank you so much to everyone who entered
I think that was the most entries I'd ever had in a giveaway!
Quite shocked and very happy

The winner is .....

* * *  The very sweet Amy from Love made my home   * *

I'll be in touch for your details soon Amy

My Sweet B is home for Easter

I've decided to close my shops
 just for a little while
two weeks maybe
there is just TOO much going on
I could feel a 'meltdown' coming on this afternoon
that, and I can't find a thing.

Here's wishing you a beautiful weekend
and thanks for visiting

Back soon

BIG love 
x Jooles x

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Snapshots .....

..... of the pretty

..... and the not so

It's been a hard few days ..... actually make that weeks
it got a LOT worse after I took those photos!
I've struggled
we're now moving forward at a speedy pace
we have three velux windows now installed
and how I absolutely and utterly LOVE them
Oh the light
it's just beautiful. Magical.
I'm feeling excited
and like a very lucky girl indeed

A very nice man is plastering as I type
and it feels like the end of the mess and chaos is nearing a close
soon I will be able to find things again
and a sparkly new kitchen is almost within my grasp

By the way .....
If you've come here looking for my giveaway
you can find it right here
Thank you to everyone who has already entered and
Good luck!

Back soon

BIG love 
x Jooles x