Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Around Here .....

there's lots of Liberty of London scraps ..... these are destined to be this

I've been enjoying my twinkly lights

SO many dahlias ..... they're pretty bonkers flowers but oh so happy

I'm loving Autumn (really REALLY loving autumn) and eating a heap of apples mostly from here

Smitten flower number ten

I've been sewing sewing sewing .....
there's a LOVELY batch of advent calendars going in my Etsy shop today and tomorrow
I have just one more to finish and then that's it ..... no custom orders for these I'm afraid.

Playing with pears!

I've been thinking recently how decadent a Liberty of London bunting advent would be
they will be limited to just a few
I'll let you know when they're ready
(I may just have to keep one!)

Oh and we have a new playmate arriving soon!
Excited and scared.

Thanks for popping by
Back soon

BIG love
x Jooles x

Sunday, 4 October 2015

'A Little Bit of Liberty' Baby Quilt .....

I promised to show you the quilt I made
for my dear little, first born great nephew
~ Baby Gaston ~
so here I am with some pics
although not many words today I'm afraid
(maybe that's a good thing!)

The pattern is from my lovely pal Amy Sinibaldi's beautiful book
I used tiny touches of Liberty fabrics in it
(well, I just can't help myself on that front)
and I added a few stitched hearts here and there too.

The quilt I made for my other great nephew is here
same pattern :: different fabrics :: different stitching
Both quilts are being loved ~ so that makes me HAPPY.

Back soon

BIG love
x Jooles x

Friday, 25 September 2015

Happiness is .....

..... forgotten treasure

Wild flower chocolate from Austria

and sweet new baby cuddles
with my first great~nephew
..... I am head~over~heals with baby Gaston!

Happy weekend sweet friends

Back soon!

BIG love
x Jooles x

Monday, 21 September 2015

Smitten Seven Eight Nine .....


I've been meaning to write a Smitten update for a while now
I've slowly been stitching away
a snip of time here and a snip of time there

Smitten flower number seven

Smitten flower number eight

Smitten flower number nine

Every now and then I love to get them out of their box 
shuffle through them
and admire the beautiful Liberty tana lawn prints
and how pretty they look together
I'm instantly reminded of where I was
what was happening in my life whilst stitching them.
I REALLY love that.
It's becoming a memory quilt.

In my mind it really does feels like I should have more than nine 'flowers' though
more like twenty. But nine is what I have.
(although number ten is in the making)
Still, this is a purposefully  S. L. O. W  quilt
The quote :: 'It's the journey not the destination' springs to mind here
I'm hoping that it will be enjoyed and cherished for many generations to come
maybe by a family member who is not yet even born
(that feels odd to write!)

There is a little more Smitten reading here and here if your interested.

* * * * *

Sweet Bee and I have been busy in the kitchen lately
we've made all sorts .....

Apple sauce
Apple and blackberry compote
Blueberry compote

Apple butter in the making

It's been fun foraging and stashing
I feel like we live in Brambly hedge!

Isn't this the sweetest image?

I've already broken into the apple sauce stash
This cake uses it instead of butter
It REALLY is v.good too

I've also been happily stitching away on some quilted advent calendars for my Etsy shop
although they won't be ready for a few weeks I don't think
I love hand embroidery and this the very relaxing kind as the wording is BIG
sometimes, if my eyes are feeling spritely, I don't even have to wear my specs!

If you'd like to make your own advent calendar don't forget my pattern!
In fact there are two to choose from .....

Thanks for stopping by
wishing you a bright and happy week!

BIG love 
x Jooles x

Friday, 18 September 2015

Postcards from Portugal .....

Hello my friends
how are you?

I've been on holiday (again!)
I know, I've been VERY lucky this year

Praia Da Luz beach

Uh. The sunsets were unbelievable.
We had a really wonderful time
all four of us
I feel SO happy that my Sweet Bee and our son still want to come with us
(It's obviously not because it's a free holiday or anything!)
Mr. Sweet and I even got treated to a couple of meals out
..... that was a fabulous novelty.
We all had really good fun together.

We went in search of hidden coves
just breathtaking
sadly we couldn't find anyway down to that gorgeous beach
and I couldn't get too close to the edge without getting the urge to jump
I was under strict control
 ..... anyone else get that?
It's a scary feeling.

Odeceixe beach

I even seem to have got my holiday health issues a little better under control
(I've had a lot of practice this year!)
with thanks to some careful planning and my new friend the NutriBullet
so I'm very pleased about that.
I filled one of these with bullet nutritions.

We made these to take with us along with lots of other healthy snacks
('We' being Sweet Bee & I
she's very into healthy eating too and I'm so glad for that
we have fun together with it
it would be a lot harder to do it on my own)
What did we ever do without Deliciously Ella? she has helped me so much

My lovely two x

..... and of course, I managed to fit in a little stitching.
Stitching a few more memories into my 'Smitten' quilt flowers

This is the quilt label for one of my two new Great Nephews
Isn't it a sweet name?
Gaston's mummy is Bolivian and it's her father's name.
He was born just before our holiday and baby Freddie was born while we were away
as you can imagine, I'm DESPERATE to see them both to have baby cuddles
not long now though
I have one baby playdate confirmed
and I'm working on the next!

Oh, that reminds me, I haven't shared the second baby quilt with you have I?
I'll do that soon. Promise x

Wishing you a Super Duper weekend

BIG love
x Jooles x