Monday, 30 March 2015

Bedside Posy :: March

..... It's  SPRING
Oh my happy HAPPY days!

To me, this posy epitomises spring

Fresh teeny blooms in the most delicate of shades
all freshly picked from my garden
Love Love Love


You can find my previous bedside posies below

Back soon!

BIG love
x Jooles x

Friday, 27 March 2015

Little Liberty of London Pouch .....

Hello ..... I've been meaning to write this post for EVER
but I'm here now.
At last.

Way back in January when I took some time off
I enjoyed some very self~indulgent sewing time
(I REALLY got into it)
I'd made myself a list of all the things that I'd like to make
(it's VERY long!)
things that I'd never got around to but kept dreaming of.
I certainly didn't get that list completely ticked off
there are SO many things on it
(and new things being added ..... it's a rolling list)
but I made a good start for sure
I may need another 'sewing' holiday soon!

One day, many many moons ago, I spied this photo on Pinterest

Isn't that a sight to behold?
It whispered sweet nothings to me
..... make me ..... you need me ..... I'll make you happy .....
as you can tell, I had no choice in the matter
so this was one of my January makes.

what a beautiful blog and Leila is one clever lady

I dived straight into my precious Liberty scraps and got hexing!
They are teeny tiny ..... just 1/2"

I felt the need to add a little love

I really love it, and it's a great little tutorial too

I learnt a lot from this project
things I feel I could do better
I really would like to improve some of my sewing techniques
I'm not very brave ..... things are going to change!

Thank you for popping by to say 'Hello'
and 'Hello' back to you!
Thank you so much too for your kind comments
I'm so lucky

Wishing you a beautiful weekend my friends

BIG love
x Jooles x

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Mother's Day Cushion :: Number Two .....

is in the making!

What a lucky lucky Mum I am.
My dearest, clever daughter (aka Sweet B)
stitched this adorable and insanely perfect cross stitch Bullfinch for me
as part of my Mothers day gift
isn't he beautiful? ..... I love his plumpness.
Uh she's a sweet thing x

She stitched this gorgeous Bertie Blue for me last Mother's day
(you may remember seeing it here)
I'm very much hoping that
pretty cross stitch birds for mother's day
is a
just imagine my collection a few years from now if it is!
I'll dream of it.

I stitched last years little bird into a cushion

'My Mother's day cushion'

I'll have to add a 'number one' to that now

'My Mother's day cushion ~ number one'

I'm hoping number two will be finished soon
(and who knows ~ maybe next year there will be a number three ..... perhaps I'm being rather presumptuous!)

Anyway back to Mother's day twenty fifteen
and the plump little Bullfinch

I played around with lots of fabrics
and in the end plumped for these.
Yesterday I had a spare hour so I started stitching.

I'm really pleased with the front panel so far
and can't wait to turn it into a plush new cushion.

I can just imagine myself when I'm very old, surrounded with grandchildren
sitting in my comfy rocking chair with my spectacles on my nose
and my knitting in my hands
telling the little ones that I have dreamed about all my life
all about the pretty birds stitched with love
that their mummy made for her mummy all those years ago!

Back soon

BIG love
x Jooles x

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Play-Date .....

Hello my sweets
I hope you're having a GOOD week?
It's been a bit bonkers here, with one thing and another
life is so exhausting sometimes isn't it?

Yesterday I forced myself to jump down form the 'Merry~go~round' that is life
it was NOT easy but I needed to do it for my sanity.
My Sweet B and I shared a 'Play~Date'
It was blissful
really REALLY blissful indeed.

We spent the morning playing with watercolours
something I've been wanting to do for so long now
the photo above is Sweet B's painting ..... she is way better than me
I definitely need more practice
it was a soothing way to spend the morning

This was my attempt

and this was Sweet B's masterpiece

Even on a 'day off' there are still chores that need to be done
but hanging the laundry out 
(especially laundry as pretty as this)
on a sunny spring day was completely enjoyable

Red cabbage :: Apple :: Carrot :: Cucumber :: Celery :: Ginger :: Lemon

We had our daily juice
(Sweet B is the queen of the juice machine!)
this one was super pretty and really did taste good
red cabbage sounded truly scary to us
but we needn't have worried.
We've been using this book a LOT
Liz Earle is my utter heroine
I have been using her naturally active beauty products for many MANY years
in my world she can do no wrong EVER
I LOVE her

After a lovely poached eggs on toast lunch
we dug out our walking boots and went for a VERY long walk in the woodland
Sweet B took her new binoculars and we chatted away happily
 we spotted so many amazing birds
I learnt so much from my nature obsessed guide!

The signs of spring are just so tantalising.

We were muddy and exhausted by the time we returned home
a very brief sit down and then it was time to make a veggie curry
and in the evening we visited my lovely sister~in~law in hospital
she's having such a horrid time
my heart goes out to her
we feel so helpless
I just want to scoop her up and make her better
her family are so devoted
all that love is so powerful
I know she'll be fine

On a completely different note .....
I was FLABBERGASTED with the response to my pear creations
my phone kept cha~ching~ing
it was so funny!
I have just four little cuties left in my Etsy shop
waiting to be adopted

I have SO much to share with you
I'm going to try extra hard to get some more posts written up V. soon.
Don't you sometimes wish that there was an extra day to every week
a day that it would be illegal to do ANYTHING that you don't want to
and could only do self indulgent things
Uh ..... that would be so great.

I've been posting lots on Instagram
just because it's quicker
I'm @thesweetviolet

Thank you for visiting me here
I LOVE it that you do
you make my days

Wishing  you a beautiful weekend full of lovely things

BIG love 
x Jooles x

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

I hope you like pears .....

if not please look away now!

Well it has been pear pandemonium here recently
ears, muzzles, wing~leaves, cheeks and stems all over the place!
it has to be said ~ they are pretty time consuming
but Boy Oh Boy I REALLY do love these little creatures.

Papa & bébé Polar Pear

 Some will be tough to part with
we have bonded.

Betsy Pear Hare

as promised
they WILL all be up for adoption this Friday 13th March
I have had lots of enquiries about them
so to hopefully make it fair
I'll split them into two collections
the first collection will be in my Etsy shop at 10am GMT
and the second collection will be listed at 7pm GMT

They are mostly £21.90 each + postage
with exception of the Petite Poire (little baby pear!)
who will be £19.90 + postage
and Papa & bébé Polar Pears who have told me that they cannot bear(!)to be separated and so will be £39.90 + postage

Good luck!

Back Soon

BIG love
x Jooles x

Sending lots of thanks to the lovely and very clever Sandrine
 who has given me permission to sell my pear creations
which have been made from her fab pattern
you can find it in Mollie Makes issue 44
and also in her book which is in actually in french.

Thursday, 5 March 2015

The Happy .....

Hello dear friends
It's so beautifully sunny here today
it REALLY feels spring~like

~ J U S T   H E A V E N L Y ~

I hope you have sunshine too

Things are much calmer around these parts Thank Goodness.
My lovely boy has now gone back to work
I'm still trying to feed him up
(when he's not asleep!)
He loves that ..... NOT.
but we're still friends!

While I'm on the subject .....
Thank you so very much for all of your kind well wishes for him
we were both very touched

This post is all about 'The Happy'

Number One ::

A super duper squishy and delicious delivery
for a brand new project
(as if I need another :o)
I blame that delightful temptress Sandra from Cherry Heart
Have you seen her gorgeous Weekender blanket?
well that's what I'm planning to make with this pretty lot!

Number Two ::

We bought a juicer!
We had an amazing day last Sunday at the BBC Eat Well food show in London
it was SO inspiring
and guess what?
the juicer that had been sitting and waiting patiently in my amazon wish list
was on a great deal
so thanks to Mr Sweet, who lugged it all the way home
(and paid for it)
Sweet B & I have been experimenting.

Top left :: carrot, asparagus, apple, ginger & maca powder
Top right :: kale, broccoli, celery, kiwi & maca powder
Bottom left :: celery, asparagus, cucumber, apple, lemon, lime & matcha powder
Bottom right :: kale, celery, butternut squash, melon, ginger & maca powder

They have mostly been surprisingly delicious
The last one was very HORRID indeed.
We live and learn!

Number Three ::

New pillowcases from my lovely friend Beata
I'm sure you've come across her beautiful blog Rosehip
If not hot~foot it over there, you'll not regret it.

Number Four ::

Please allow me to introduce you to the latest member of the Pear family

~ Polar Pear ~

He has little sparkles all over and pretty Liberty of London ears
he's blushing as he's a jolly shy thing

Number Five ::

This little lot ..... a SUPER pear posse!
I had a lovely email chat with Sandrine, the clever creator of the pattern
and author of this wonderful book
she has very kindly given me permission to sell them
I've had a fair few requests for them so this is exciting
They will (hopefully) be sat on my Etsy shop shelves by the end of next week
I have lots of titivating to do before then as you can see!

I'll let you know the exact details of when they'll be ready
both here on my blog and on my Instagram

I've had Sweet B on bunny tail duty
she's very good!

Thank you
Thank you
Thank you
 SO much for all of your gorgeous comments on my last few posts
I've been short on blog hopping time recently
I'm hoping that will change V. soon
I just wanted you to know that I appreciate each one very much x

Wishing you all a happy and sun~shiny weekend

Back soon!

BIG love
x Jooles x

Monday, 2 March 2015

Bedside Posy :: February

(oh darn it ..... just missed the deadline by a whisker!)

My bedside posy this month feels very decadent indeed

There is just one BEAUTIFUflower type in my vase

Crocus ~

I have to say they were pretty painful to pluck from the lawn
I've never been so bold before!
I knew they'd bring such a lot of pleasure though
so I just did it

I wasn't sure how long they'd last
they look so very delicate
It wasn't my longest lasting bedside posie by a long shot
but I had a good four days pretty pleasure from them

The little bee vase was actually the glass bottle to a reed diffuser
it's so cute I knew it would come in very handy

and there's still plenty in the lawn to enjoy


If you'd like to play along 
I'd  E  that
Please be sure to send me the link to your post though
that way we can enjoy each other posies

You can find my previous bedside posies below

..... only two posies to go until I finish my year
I really can't believe that
(I will definitely NOT be stopping though!)

Back soon!

BIG love
x Jooles x