Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Oh Bunny My Honey .....

..... you do make me happy

(The pear addiction continues .....)

I tried a nose ..... it didn't work
for some reason it made her look very annoyed
so out it came!

Do you think she needs a friend?

Back soon

BIG love
x Jooles x

The pattern is by this clever lady and can be found in Mollie Makes issue 44
and also in this book which is in french (!)

Sunday, 25 January 2015

Pretty Label Tutorial .....

Hello my friends

I posted this photo on Instagram last week

I'd just pimped up some old drawers for my sewing room
(btw ..... I post on Instagram most days, I'm @thesweetviolet)
I had a few ladies ask me how I made them
so I thought I'd write a quick tutorial
they're Easy~Peasy
and just think of all the things that could be labeled!

I used some of my precious Liberty of London scraps
as they make my heart sing with joy
(and I am obsessed)
but you can use any pretty fabric scraps you have to hand

 ~ Youll need ~

Small scrap of patterned fabric (at least 13 cm x 4 cm)
Small piece of white felt (at least 13 cm x 4 cm)
Small piece of bondaweb (at least 13 cm x 4 cm)
Small length of cotton twill webbing tape 1.5 cm wide (or any plain cotton ribbon)
Pretty colour thread
Clear small letter stamps (mine are Stampendous ~ Small typewriter alphabet)
(there are lots of these on eBay)
Acrylic stamping block
StazOn black ink pad (or other fabric ink pad)
Masking tape
Double sided tape
Cutting mat
Steel edge ruler
Rotary cutter

1. Iron the bondaweb to the felt, remove paper backing from the bondaweb and place the patterned fabric on top and iron.

2.     Trim this fabric sandwich to 12 cm x 3.5 cm with your rotary cutter.

3.     Line up your desired letter stamps, printing side down, on a piece of lined paper as a guide, this is a bit fiddly, I sometimes use a wooden kebab stick for help, but remember, they dont have to be perfectly straight, a little higgledy piggledy looks lovely
Press your acrylic block firmly over the top to pick up the letters.

4.     Using masking tape, tape the twill tape to the work surface to secure it and to make it nice and flat.

5.     Lay your acrylic block on a flat surface, letters facing up and Ink the letters with the stazOn ink using gentle pats, making sure that you cover the letters thoroughly.
Stamp firmly onto the twill tape, holding it there for a couple of seconds, pressing firmly down without moving it.

TIP :: Have a practice on a piece of scrap tape or fabric first.

6.     Using scissors, trim the ends of the twill tape ½ cm or so from the letters, attach centrally to your patterned fabric piece with a little double sided tape, but just a small amount so that your sewing machine needle wont have to stitch through it and get all gooey!

7.     Using your sewing machine stitch all the way around the label, twice, a few millimetres from the edges, pull the thread ends through to the back and tie.

8.     And there you have it ..... one pretty label! I attached mine to my drawers (wooden ones not under garment ones ..... although theres an idea!) with extra strong double sided tape but you could just as easily use glue.

Well I hope that all makes sense ..... let me know if you have any problems

I'll add this tutorial to my 'Tutorial' section on the sidebar
I hope to do lots more

Back soon

BIG love 
x Jooles x

P.S If you make some I'd LOVE to see them ..... it would make my day!
You could either send me a link or if you post on Instagram
tag your photos


Friday, 23 January 2015

Bedside Posy :: December

..... better late than never!

I bought these cute little candles when we got our Christmas tree
I just knew they'd come in handy
and they did!
How cosy it was to be reading by candle light
bed~time reading has never been so snug and enjoyable
I miss this posy
(can I really call this a posy? ..... I think I can just about get away with it!)

Not very floral for once but VERY festive

 ~ Three things ~

deep green ivy leaves

all from the garden

You can find my previous bedside posies below

Thank you for all your lovely comments on my last post
I'm so lucky

Wishing you all a WONDROUS weekend

BIG love
x Jooles x

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

A Teeny Tiny Bee Pouch For My Sanity .....

Hello my lovelies
I almost forgot to show you the teeny 'Supplies' pouch
that I made for my Sweet B this Christmas

The story goes like this .....
I always ALWAYS keep a lip balm and tiny hand cream in my dressing gown pocket
because I would be in a panic if those two things were not close by at ALL times
I am addicted to cream things.

Now ..... I would get myself all comfy~cosy
with my Knitting. Sewing. Crocheting. Cross~Stitch
 all sorted and laid out .....
and then
Always. ALWAYS. Every. EVERY single evening
with~out fail
and often more than once
would come .....
'Mum, can I use your hand cream please?'
'Do you have your lip balm?'
'Hand cream?'
In the end it was just a look that she gave!
(this cream thing addiction is in her genes.)

So I made her this.
A teeny little drawstring pouch
(of course with a bumble bee on!)
just big enough to fit her very own evening supplies in
and pop in her own dressing gown pocket
No more rootling around in my pockets
crafts being put aside ~ Loosing the needle. Tangling the thread. Loosing count .....
Ah Sweet Joy.

BTW ..... I wrote a tutorial, last year, on how to stitch on non~even weave fabrics
it's here if you fancy having a go.

Whilst I'm here I thought it'd be fun to make a mosaic of some of last years makes
just personal, for fun things
not my shop makes
it seemed in my mind that I didn't create much last year
with everything going on
but a wander back showed me otherwise

From top left to right .....

Thank you for popping by

BIG love
x Jooles x

Monday, 19 January 2015

How Could I resist? .....

Hello my dear friends
Happy new week to you all

We actually have some sunshine here right now, at this very second
how blissful that is .....

Now ..... Please say 'Hello' to 


made for my dearest you~know~who of course!

Having had pears and bees on my mind for sometime now ..... this was inevitable!

I gave him some 'leaf~wings' so that he could buzz around merrily

 He makes me smile
and of course Sweet Bee like him a LOT.

 The pattern is by this clever lady and can be found in Mollie Makes issue 44
and also in this book which is in french (!)
but I have ordered it anyway as I am in LOVE

I had such a heartwarming moment last week
which lifted me up to cloud nine
thank you dear Vanessa
you are an angel

 I'm still (mostly) maintaining my 'Balance'
It's working pretty well
so I'm sticking with it.

I have been loving loving loving your comments SO much
you are wonderful
thanks for popping by
..... and before I say 'Toodle~oo' for today
I'd love to say a BIG GINORMOUS
to all my new followers
It's so lovely to meet you

Back soon

BIG love
x Jooles x

Thursday, 15 January 2015

Pear Pals .....

..... can't stop thinking about pears .....

❤  x x x 

Pattern by this clever lady and found in Mollie Makes issue 44

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Balance .....

Hello my dear friends


Did you all have a wonderful Christmas?
I do hope so
and how is 2015 treating you so far?
I hope, kindly

Our Christmas was intentionally quiet this year
due to my health botherations
but it was really REALLY lovely and just what I needed
I was VERY lazy
Mr Sweet even did most of the cooking!
what a treat.
It did me GOOD

Did you notice the title?

. . . . . Balance . . . . .

That's my 'Buzz' word for this brand new year
and so far it's been pretty great.
I've been both busy and un~busy in equal measure

I've come to the conclusion that I'll (we'll) ALWAYS
have an ever~growing 'To Do' list
that is just life
instead of just  p l o u g h i n g  through
trying hopelessly to magically arrive at the end
 whilst always adding more
(and let's face it there is ALWAYS more to add!)
I'm going (to try my very best) to Balance things out
(that is something I've struggled with ..... it's in my genes you know.)

I made myself a list of January jobs
some BIG and DREADED ones.
Happily thanks to Balance it has all been ok
almost enjoyable (I know! ..... )
I've enjoyed that feeling of accomplishment and of course the Ticking.

So far in 2015 I have .....

Got up~to~date with my accounts :: My worst job EVER
so I made it the first one to be tackled
I had buried my head in the sand for over nine months
Ahhhh will I EVER learn?
(probs not.)

Made a pear

Pattern by this clever lady and found in Mollie Makes issue 44

Found the bottom of my ironing basket 

Started to watch Mr Selfridge from the beginning

* * * * * * *

FINALLY worked my way through a whole heap of mending and alterations

Knitted my very first (and not last) Shawl

Whispering pines shawl

Sorted and tidied my WHOLE bedroom :: Wardrobe, shoes, make~up ..... the LOT.

Been practising yoga and meditation

* * * * * * *

Re~oiled my kitchen worktops

Spent afternoons stitching teeny tiny Liberty hexies

Cleaned the house after Christmas was tidied away

Enjoyed a cosy dinner with my brother and sister~in~law
and have been loving my gift of lilies ever since

Some light and very cold gardening

Turning my cross stitch sampler into a wall hanging

So far I have LOVED January
with its candles & fairy lights & hot tea & cosy warm layers
In fact I have never loved a January more
I shall keep my buzz word close

. . . . . Balance . . . . .

I still have some jobs on my list
which means some relaxing time too

Of course I'm not working at the moment
I will have to try very hard with Balance when I am.

I can hardly bear to watch the news at the moment ..... so much sadness
SO heartbreaking.

Back Soon

BIG love 
x Jooles x